Our Storage

Our Storage

In recent years, the service storage is becoming more popular. During the move, the repair of apartment or office; while reducing the residential, office and retail space; at the time of long trips or renting an apartment - the use of storage service will simplify your life.

Moving company Florida - a professional in the field of storage and movement of property - allows a long-term or temporary storage of all sizes and values. Is a useful and reliable service, proven by thousands of our customers (both organizations and individuals). We store a wide variety of goods ranging from fragile items and personal belongings to a large dimensional equipment and office equipment.

Trucking company Florida operates is a spacious warehouse class "A", to ensure the best conditions for storage of goods of any type. Our warehouse is equipped with a monitoring system of temperature and humidity, anti-dust coating floor and autonomous power. It meets the requirements of fire safety and protection against unauthorized access to protected objects.

Renting property to our warehouse, you can be absolutely confident in its safety and security. In addition, you can always pick up their things, to reduce or extend the storage, order the delivery of their items in the home, office or in another city.

Ordering moving services Florida and trucking services Florida in our company you will get high-quality professionals.

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